How I got Here

About Casey Crane

I’m Casey Crane. I’m a photographer, artist, musician, teacher and friend. My life is communicated through images. I found photography early in my life; at that time I was searching, searching for something at which I could be great. After shooting my first few rolls of film I found that I was excited by the images I was producing. I drew all the time back then and I always tended to draw more photo-realistic subjects, I was drawn to photography to further my artistic vision. I found once I got the camera in my hand I changed; I was a shy kid and the camera became a tool that allowed the more creative and assertive parts of my personality to shine through.

This journey started out with a cheap film SLR and a few rolls of film. Working in film early on and in college gave me a great perspective on my craft. My craft is hugely important to me but as I’ve gone on I’ve found that it’s really about people. I love my team and my friends who have helped support my vision. People make this all possible.

I went to college knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I maxed out the photo courses offered at The University of Texas at Arlington. It was a great program, I made life long friends and absorbed tons of information.

To this point photography has taken me many places in my life. I’ve traveled to Japan, Italy and Mexico with my photography. I’ve documented massive natural disasters. I’ve shot over 25,000 products and been published in dozens of advertising campaigns.

This is just a bit of my story. I’ll leave it here so that when we meet I can still have something to talk about.

If you’re interested in finding me on social media please take advantage of the links at the top of the site. I always respond to messages sent to my photo page on Facebook.